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Apr. 16th, 2008 @ 09:05 pm posting a day late - April 15th update
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[art] tree
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Books: 50 books in 52 weeks.
Pages: 15000 pages in 365 days.

Progress: As of April 16, 2008;
Books: 25 read/25 to go
Pages: 10104 read/4896 to go
(259 days to go, approximately 37 weeks to go. Approximately 19 pages a day, one book every week, with a few breaks.)

Currently reading: Dragon Sword & Wind Child, Harsh Cry of the Heron
Next in line: (April) The Joy Luck Club, (May) Survivor: A Novel, The Return of the King, Wolves of the Calla, We Can Remember It For You Wholesale, American Gods, (June) Speaker for the Dead, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-time, The Giver, Nightrunner Series, (July)

Books Read
-Halting State by Charles Stross
-Halloweenland by Al Sarrantonio
-Son of the Shadows by Juliet Marillier
-Equal Rites - Terry Pratchett
-The Sandman: Book of Dreams - Edited by Neil Gaiman and Ed Kramer
-Temeraire (His Majesty's Dragon) - Naomi Novik
-The Family Trade - Charles Stross
-The Light Fantastic - Terry Pratchett
-Soul Music - Terry Pratchett
-The Bone Doll's Twin - Lynn Flewelling
-Hidden Warrior - Lynn Flewelling
-The Oracle's Queen - Lynn Flewelling
-Lion of Senet - Jennifer Fallon
-Eye of the Labyrinth - Jennifer Fallon
-Lord of the Shadows - Jennifer Fallon
-Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman
-The Diamond Age - Neal Stephenson
-Good Omens - Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
-Lord of the Rings: Part One: The Fellowship of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien
-Luck in the Shadows - Lynn Flewelling
-Stalking Darkness - Lynn Flewelling
-Traitor's Moon - Lynn Flewelling
-The Colour of Magic - Terry Pratchett
-Spook Country - William Gibson
-The Two Towers - J.R.R. Tolkien